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NEW simply frame rails. Fit to all standard Tamiya cabs, crossmembers, gearbox, axles and ending. 

Also fit to our fenders, double steering system and suspension system. 


Frame have 630mm length and You can build chassis for:

  • 8x4 dump truck,
  • 6x4 standard chassis. 


After purchase you will receive:

- 630mm predrilled frame rails (stainless steel) 



WARNING!!! The kit does not include Tamiya parts, bodyshells or servos visible on some photos - you buy only the frame rails.


This product is intended for people over 14 years of age. 

Simply frame 630mm 8x4 Mk2 (Rails only)

Out of Stock
  • The buyer shall bear the costs of return. You can return your unused item up to 14 days after delivery. If you have any problems, please contact us by email.

  • Make sure you choose the right shipping method!!!
    Non tracking number - only send confirmation

    Trackable and insured

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